Best Business Personal Statement Examples

business personal statement examplesAre having a hard time writing a great personal statement? If you are, you might want to read some business personal statement examples. By doing so, you can see how a good personal statement should look like. You will also see how the introduction, body and the closing paragraph are written when you read our business personal statement samples. You can also learn how to organize paragraphs according to a theme so that your statement looks professional.

There are a lot of business personal statement examples on the Internet nowadays. But you need not to look further! If you are looking for a sample statement to read, here is one of the best business personal statement examples:

Introduction paragraph

I believe that running my own business is a great way to stay on top in the financial world. There is a certain appeal in managing an organization. I am very keen on managing many activities and facing challenges that one may face in the field of business. I established a solid plan for my education because I am aiming for a senior management position in the future. I was always fascinated by how supply and demand works. Since I learned how it impacts various fields aside from economics, my interest for it skyrocketed. My German Language studies have broadened my perception in both cultural and economic aspects of the European Union. I admire the way Germany keeps its economy stable even through hard times.


I would like to continue studying both management and economics with the goal of combining both efficiently and utilize them in my future undertakings. I believe that economics and management hand in hand. I am thrilled at the idea of finding ways to incorporate the vast information I can gain from studying economics into my knowledge of management. I skills and abilities when it comes to numbers, communication and information technology. I have always enjoyed mathematics. It has helped me in many ways during my undergraduate studies. It taught me to find solutions to problems with analytical approaches. My mastery of both the English and German languages gives me the confidence needed in the world of business. Since I have extensive knowledge of computers from spreadsheets up to computer programming, I believe that I can maximize technology’s potential in the field of economics and management.

During my free time, I like to go hiking with my friends. I believe that a healthy mind should always be paired with a healthy body. I also enjoy playing chess because it keeps me focused and I can practice thinking strategically. I also enjoy surfing the internet for the purpose of reading new materials concerning IT, business and world news. I also like to play video games and I am thinking of establishing a company for video game development in the future.

Closing paragraph

I have chosen to apply to your university because I believe that my interests will be catered and be satisfied. I am confident that your theories, philosophies and teaching methods can help me attain the right knowledge, skills, abilities that I will need in the corporate world. I will aim to contribute to the university’s betterment and development in whatever I can when I get accepted. I would like to extend my thanks for considering my application. I will be looking forward to the next phase of my application.

business personal statementIf you are aiming for a great career in the world of business, a degree from a business school is very vital. Unfortunately, getting into a reputable business school can be very tough. The reason is that the screening processes to get accepted in these schools are very rigid. Writing a unique and comprehensive business personal statement is a great way to personalize your application and increase your chance of getting a slot in a business school. A personal statement business is a unique component of your application because it allows you to highlight your attributes that show how to fit you are for a business study course.

How to Write a Personal Statement for a Business Course Application

Think of a personal statement as a sales pitch, it is for you to sell yourself to a university or college of your choice. Remember that you are up against thousands of applicants that are aiming to get slots to form these schools. You need to make it a point to write a personal statement that is unique and will distinguish you from the applicants. Things you need to remember:

  • A personal statement should be a direct and free form of flowery words.
  • It should not be more than 4,000 characters long.
  • It should utilize 1.5 line spaces.
  • Start with a compelling starting sentence to attract attention right from the beginning.
  • Divide your content into paragraphs with their own themes like academics, work experience, and extracurricular activities.
  • Clearly, indicate the reason why you have chosen to study the field of business.

A business personal statement should show the skills and abilities that you have gained from past and current jobs that you have. It is perfectly alright to include things that you do in free time as long as it is relevant to the world of business and they show how well-rounded you are. Include the happenings in your life that became a turning point in your life that led you to the world of business. Write from your heart. A personal statement gives you the chance of showing your individuality to application officers. Be honest and be unique. Avoid copying other people’s personal statement.

Proofread and Edit

Writing a business personal statement requires good proofreading. Remember that you are selling yourself. Your personality is shown on the type of document that you produce. It will not be very appealing if your personal statement has lots of grammatical and spelling errors. Read your draft when it is finished so that you can detect mistakes or redundancy that you may have committed while you were writing. A great thing to do before you proofread and edit your statement is to take a step back after you write it. Set it aside for an hour or a day.

This period of rest can refresh your mind so that you can check your work better afterward. If you want to be very certain, ask your family or friends to read your personal statement for you so that you can gain more insight about your personal statement. Make sure that your business personal statement is professional looking. Use white paper with dark and crisp print. Use 1-inch margins when writing your economics personal statement. Never use colored paper and use stickers. Be sure to use proper language and avoid jargons.

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