Best College Personal Statement Examples

college personal statement examplesA sample personal statement can give you that extra boost for your college application. It is a vital component where you are free to elaborate accomplishments and attributes that were not included in your resume. There are applicants that find writing a personal statement as daunting and downright hard. If you are equipped with the right knowledge, writing a statement can be relatively simple.

College personal statement examples can give you an idea of what to write. It’s a good option to utilize when you are stuck with the process. What’s more, personal statement examples for college can show you how your writing should be patterned. To impress the committee your application should be flawless. Personal statement for college examples can give you an understanding of how to begin and end your paper properly and help to avoid common mistakes. There are many websites that provide college personal statement examples so you will never run out of fresh ideas. Yet there is no need to browse for them as we kindly offer to review ours.

Finest College Personal Statement Examples


English is a very popular language. According to surveys, there are an estimated three hundred and fifty million people in the world speak English their first language and a staggering number of over a million who can speak it as a second language. If one knows how to speak in English, he or she can communicate with a lot of people. Communication is a vital part of a civilization that is why I am interested in studying the English language.

College Education

I am always fascinated by the English language. It is one of the richest languages known. It has an immense vocabulary. I believe that to truly master the language, I need to go through formal education. I realized that even the simplest of words can deliver great effects from an individual up to a global scale. It can build nations and help those who are in need but it can also create devastating affliction if used with ill intentions. If used correctly, it can help people liberate themselves and stimulate both the imagination and the intellect.

From Pleasure to Work

I can’t deny that I enjoy reading and writing in my free time. I want to take my interest to the next level and earn a degree in literature and pave a way towards my future career. I understand that a degree in literature can open a lot of doors for people who have great oral communication skills. There are many transferable skills that can be attained in a literary career such as research, writing, cultural literacy, and critical sophistication.

Why Your University?

I am confident that I have the right skills, knowledge, and attitude to study English literature and I plan to enrich my attributes in your university. I believe that your resources and method of teaching compliments my interests. I know I can develop my skill to quickly gain a complex understanding of a literary piece and then present the conclusion in the form of an essay or oral presentation.

I had the opportunity to go to your English department during one of your open days and I was amazed how enjoyable and stimulating a place for learning can be. I am sure that I can carry out my studies quite well with the help of your friendly academic and administrative staff. In conclusion, I would like to study in your university because I know I can develop my skills up to their full potential and contribute to the institution. I thank you for this opportunity that you have given me to express my opinion about my application and I will be looking forward to the next phase of my application.


One of my greatest dreams is to have a career in the field of economics. I desire further education so that I may gain the required qualification like skills and knowledge to have a great career. I am really interested in learning and I have a passion for economics. Economics has a great impact on the entire world and it is my wish to make a difference in any industry that I may join one day.

Why Economics?

I always wanted to know how money, business, and economy work and affect peoples lives. Not only will the study of economics give me the answer, but I would also like to know how to use the knowledge about economics to better our society. I understand that its status fluctuates depending on people’s behavior while also affecting the people themselves directly. It covers a global scale but it also deals with simple daily living of an individual. These are the reasons why I find economics a very interesting field of study.

Personal Skills and College Experience

After contemplating, I find myself as a driven and thoughtful person who has the knowledge and experience in commerce. I am a confident person that can face a new and challenging situation. I can adapt in any kind of setting and can work under stress with complete calmness and presence of mind. I possess critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are very useful for any kind of situation in a business or social situation. During my college years, I was able to study economics at the A level. I was able to complete assignments on time and with minimum faculty supervision. I have learned all about money, wealth, income, and how math and statistics affect them. Tables and graphs were daily exercises. We closely studied the relation of economics on politics, education, the environment, and health care all throughout history and up to the present.

Why Your University?

I did some research about your institution and I found out that your university has the philosophy, vision, and theories that are compatible with my educational needs. I believe that when I do get accepted, I can unlock my true potential in studying economics and therefore I improve myself and also contribute to your institution. I thank you for giving me the chance to convey my thoughts for this application. I look forward to the next step of my application which is the interview.

College Application Requirements 2019

college admissions 2016College admissions 2019 requirements will vary from school to school so it is important to check with the admissions officials of the college you wish to apply to for exact application requirements. Some of the basic requirements will be the same. Records of your educational history are one of the basics. Generally, most will also request a reference. Some colleges will require test scores and there are also those that may want a record of employment history. It is necessary to supply a personal statement as part of your application and an application fee to be paid at the same time as you submit your university application 2014.

College Application Deadlines 2019

It’s important to know the deadline for submitting your college admission 2019 application. If you fail to meet your application requirements on time there is usually very little chance of being admitted late. Learn the deadline for submission of applications to the college you wish to apply and begin gathering the information and requirements as early as possible. By giving yourself plenty of time you are less likely to overlook something that might result in your not being accepted.

College Personal Statement 2019

College Personal Statement 2015 requirements


It will be necessary to submit a college application personal statement 2019 to complete your application requirements. A personal statement is basically an essay written by you to convince college admissions officials to accept you into their school. It gives admissions some insight into qualities you possess that can’t be shown by the examination of data such as test scores or school grades. With many candidates for admission, a well written personal statement serves to separate you from the other applicants who may have similar qualifications.

Some things that you might consider including in your personal statement are why you chose the particular college and what you feel the college offers you. Listing a few of your personal goals and how graduating from the college affects those goals and where you see graduation from the college taking you in your career will prove helpful. Some simple tips to remember:

  • Don’t generalize. Be specific when you write
  • Be clear and concise with your statements and stay focused
  • Proofread for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

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Tips on How to Write a Personal Statement for College

personal statement for collegeStudying in college presents many challenges like financial and time dilemma. Applying for a college course is also not a walk in a park. If you are aiming to get accepted into a reputable college, you need to be prepared in going through a tough screening process. Writing a good university personal statement is vital because it is your chance to show your individuality and mention skills and other characteristics that you have failed to include in your resume.

Writing a personal statement for college is not that hard in reality. As long as you know what to write and how to write it, you will soon write an engaging and meaningful college personal statement. So, how to write a personal statement for college? One of the best ways to answer this question is to look at a sample personal statement. In doing so, you can see for yourself how should a personal statement for college appear.

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