Best Dental School Personal Statement Sample

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Excellent Dental School Personal Statement Sample

Introduction paragraphs

I had the great opportunity to volunteer in a dental clinic during the last spring break and I realized that I would like to have a career in the field of dentistry. My next goal now is to study dentistry at a university. I find dentistry a fascinating field of study because one can do research and be up close and personal with people too.

I am confident that my excellent grades in biology, mathematics, and chemistry only shows that I am equipped with the potential of completing my studies in dentistry. I believe that I have the academic strength, great communication skills, and moral fiber to become a successful dentistry student. I always have an interest in science and I would like to improve and utilize my knowledge of it for the betterment of the dentistry discipline. I believe that dentistry has a lot of application in the medical field.


Throughout my volunteer work, I was able to observe a wide range of oral hygiene treatment procedures especially surgical practices. Some of these procedures are oral examinations, routine fillings, root canal procedures, and crown fitting with proper preparations. I was able to have the opportunity to observe dentists and nurses in action. The procedures are very technical but I am confident that I have learned a lot. What increased my interest in this field is the way the dentists and nurses communicate with their patients. They were able to communicate well especially with the vulnerable people like the elderly and the very young. I was able to pick up effective open communication techniques to calm and assure even the most difficult patients. I am looking forward to improving what skills, knowledge and abilities that I have gained by studying at your institution.

My activities outside the studies include reading non-fiction and fiction novels and playing table-top strategy games. By reading novels, I am able to study how characters interact with each other and select the best way to communicate with people. Strategy games keep me focused and my mind sharp. I can also practice my hand and eye coordination when I am creating model pieces for the game.

Closing/ Ending paragraph

I have chosen your institution because I believe that your method of teaching can cater my needs for further education in the field of dentistry. Your reputation for combining traditional philosophy with modern practice really fascinates. I aim to contribute, once accepted, to the betterment of that reputation. I am looking forward to your decision if I am fit for an interview. I would like to extend my gratitude for considering my application.

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