Best Economics Personal Statement Examples

economics personal statement examplesThe world of economics is very dynamic and very exciting. Economics helped in shaping the world and can affect politics, environment, cultures and just about any aspect that involves mankind. Getting into a study program in this field can be tough because there are a lot of applicants that are aiming for the same slot as you. Writing a great personal statement can boost your college application but writing a personal statement can be tough sometimes. Reading economics personal statement examples can help you gain some ideas on how to write one of your own. You can see how to organize your thoughts and arrange them well if you check out some economics personal statement examples.

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Economics Personal Statement Sample

Introduction Paragraph

Both the law and economics never fail to grab my interest. I am amazed on how these concepts can dictate how the world works. There is no denying that the role of law and economics create a big impact in world commerce. That is why I would like to study the multidisciplinary subjects in Economics and Law theory. I believe that it will give me a wide range of opportunities that can get me a bright future in the field of economics. During my studies of business and economics, I was able to gain valuable insights on how macroeconomic policies create great impacts on the global economy.


There is no denying that globalization is already upon us and we need to be globally competitive. I would like to use my full potential and study economics in relation to the law so that I can be globally competitive as well.  My desire for studying law started when I had developed an interest in being a qualified solicitor that deals with the property market. I was able to get the chance of using my expertise in raising money for a charitable cause namely the “Clothes for Christmas” project that aims to provide clothing for the urban poor.

My first-hand experience with economics is when I entered an internship program in a finance firm. I was able to gain valuable skills concerning the world of economics. I developed my computing skills during that time. Since we were working with both teammates and customers, I was able to hone my communication skills. Office work can be tedious and with limited time allotment during my internship that is why I learned to manage my time well and work efficiently without sacrificing accuracy for speed.

Conclusion/Closing Paragraph

I would like to continue my studies both in law and economics at your institution. I was able to have the opportunity to visit your campus during one of your open days and I found out that your facility is both conclusive for studying and can also offer relaxation to the students. I have learned that your university’s theories, methods of teaching and resources can help me with the undertaking of getting a degree in law and economics. If I do get accepted, I will devote my time for the growth as a person and contribute to the institution too. Thank you for giving me the chance to directly convey my message.

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