Best Education Personal Statement Examples

education personal statement examplesA career of teaching is rewarding and self fulfilling. The screening process can be tough though. You may need all the edges that you can find so that you can compete against other applicants. A vital component of any application is a personal statement. Unfortunately, writing a personal statement can be challenging if you are not equipped with proper information. Education personal statement examples can give you an idea on how to write your own.

You can get valuable insight on how to properly organize your thoughts after reading an education personal statement sample. In addition, by reading educational personal statement examples, you can familiarize yourself with the proper way of writing an introduction, a body and an ending for a great personal statement.

Excellent Education Personal Statement Examples


I have a keen desire to become a primary school teacher. I am confident that I have what it takes to teach young minds by working hard, being kind and being open minded. I have been working at an after school club for almost 2 years now and I learned to love teaching children. I am working in a team at the after school club and I developed certain qualities that I can transfer to working as a full-pledged primary school teacher. I have developed the skill of gaining mutual respect with my co-workers and with the children.

Working with Children

Two years ago, I had the pleasure of having the experience of working with primary school children during work experience. It was one of the most rewarding experience that I ever had. I have developed patience, self-assurance and understanding when dealing with young people. The education field can be very challenging if one has no passion for it. I also experienced teaching a child with learning difficulties. It was a very enriching experience for me because not only did I taught that child about his subjects, I was able to teach him to be confident and improve his communication skills.

Helping in the Development

At Saint Catherine Parocial School, I was able to help pupils individually and in large groups. I was able to help in assisting the faculty in field trips. I developed the skill of being flexible and teach children both indoors and outdoors. I also volunteered in after school programs. I helped organized activities for the children in which they can learn and have fun  at the same time. That experience taught me that having fun is also essential for the holistic development of a child.

Language for Learning

The English language has a special place in my heart. I enjoy reading for pleasure but I can also take a deep analytical approach in studying texts. I would like to share this passion to younger minds. Books no longer have the same level of popularity that they had before. More and more children are neglecting books and rely more on the internet for information and video games for entertainment. I want to make a difference and teach children the benefits of reading.

I would like to study at your institution for me to realize my dream of teaching young minds. I am confident that I can contribute to the institute and I will utilize your facilities and teaching methods so I can grow professionally. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind. I look forward to an interview.

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