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Writing a personal statementevent management personal statement examples for an events management degree application can be challenging. Having the right information can help you with this endeavor. You can always read event management personal statement examples. By doing so, you can pick up useful ideas how to write your own one. What’s more, an events management personal statement sample can show you how you can write the main parts of a paper, which are the introduction, body or content, and the closing paragraphs, correctly.

There are a lot of events management personal statement examples available on the internet so you will not run out of ideas. Here is one of the best event management personal statement that can give you great ideas.

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Introduction Paragraph

My interest in getting a degree in Events Management started when I was in my teens. I have always been interested in music and dance. I also have the passion for getting people with different interests and backgrounds together in an event. Being the star of a show does not really interest me that much. What I want more is to manage an event and to make sure that it will be a smashing success. I once organized a fundraising activity in our school and we were surprised to earn a large sum of money for the cause that we were helping. From that day on, I have decided that a degree in event management would be my next goal.


I had the opportunity to have a part-time job as a promo girl for a telecommunication company where I have a lot of first-hand experience in events organizing. I was able to see event managers in action and I was able to pick up some great lessons in managing an event. Some of the event managers were great enough to let us pitch in some of our ideas and I was able to gain great teamwork attributes that can be helpful in my future career. Communication is essential in managing an event. During that working experience. I was able to gain insights on how to improve my communication skills. I am great with people and I can adapt to any kind of situation.

During my free time, I design websites as an extra source of income and, at the same time, it helps me improve my event promotion skills. I also enjoy reading magazines and blogs to keep me updated for the current trends in the entertainment business. This helps me look at patterns on how people react to certain events, celebrities and fashion. I also do volunteer work in a daycare center where I usually read stories to little children. Doing so improves my communication skills especially with the little ones.

Closing Paragraph

I have chosen to apply for your university because I am confident that I can develop my skills, knowledge, and personality greatly here. I am confident that your teaching methods can satisfy my educational needs. When I do get accepted, I will devote my efforts, not for the betterment of myself alone but to promote and uphold the standards of this institution. I would like to extend my thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind about my application. Thank you for your time and I will be looking forward for your decision.

events management personal statementApplying to university and getting a degree in event management will be a good plan to have a great career in the future. An events management degree can be valuable to almost any kind of industry. To increase your chance of getting into a college or university that offers an events management degree you need to write a great events management personal statement. A dental school personal statement gives you the opportunity to personalize your application and make yourself stand out from the other applicants.

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Great Tips on How to Write a Perfect Events Management Personal Statement

  1. Show that you are the right one. You can’t always highlight the aspects of the program in every school. As an events management applicant, you need to do some research on the unique offerings and resources of every university that you are aiming for. Once you have the information, try to relate your personal requirements and individual interest. By doing so, your statement will be more personalized and goal driven at the same time.
  2. Keep it real. Your statement should have a point. Always organize your thoughts. Create three main parts of your statement. These are the introduction, body or content and the ending. The introduction is very essential because this part is your chance to get and hold the application officer’s attention. If your introduction is generic and lacks detail, chances are your statement will be set aside. The content should be always relevant meaningful. Use terms that you truly understand because they may come up in interviews. The ending should be as powerful as the introduction to leave a lasting impression on the application officer’s mind. The ending should also summarize and wrap everything up. Thank the reader for reading your statement.
  3. Not a Narrative of Your Resume. A lot of applicants tend to explain and elaborate on their resume when they writing an events management personal statement. This is never a good idea. Application officers are well aware of your achievements because they may have already read your resume. You can still write your achievements as long as they are relevant to the course that you have chosen. Include work experiences where you have gained transferable skills and abilities that can be of value in any industry.
  4. Avoid Common Statements. Do not forget that this is the part of your application where you can show yourself as an individual. Refrain from using generic statements. Application officers read a lot of statements every day and they are already quite familiar with types of personal statement. They can tell if you just copied it from an events management personal statement guide somewhere. Personalization is always the key.
  5. Short-term and Long-term Goals. Show the institution that you are a person who plans for the future. Elaborate your short-term goals and how they connect with each other. Make it a point to convey the message that your short-term goals are stepping stone to reach a long-term goal. Being in an event management course means spending a lot of your time studying. Show them that you are willing to invest your time to attain excellence in the future by including your plans in your events management personal statement.

Write your personal statements using formal language. Always check for grammatical and spelling errors. Remember to proofread your draft so that you can pick up errors that you have missed.

Use our event management personal statement examples for a proper understanding of a format or simply ask one of our experts for help!