Best Law School Personal Statement Examples

law school personal statement examplesPracticing law is one tough business. It is no surprise that writing a personal statement for a law school application is also tough. You could always get some ideas from law school personal statement examples. There are tons of law school personal statement samples available online that can help you create a good one of your own.

Law personal statement examples can show you what a proper structure of a good personal statement is. You can also see how the introduction, content and closing of a statement are connected to each other when you read law school personal statement examples.

Great law school personal statement examples

Tic My Time

When I was a child, we were always taught not to judge a book by it cover. Entering middle school was a scary thing to do because I was still adjusting to adolescence, to a new school, to new teachers, and to new school mates. As if that was not hard enough, I was also suffering from facial ticks. The most persistent and frequent tick was involuntary eye twitching. As middle school stories go, within the first month of my seventh grade I already earned the name “Blinky.” It was really sad because I was labeled with the one thing that I hated the most. Most of the kids that called me by that name didn’t really mean any harm and the teasing was mostly affectionate. Thankfully, the tics began to disappear and was generally gone by the time I entered college.

Motivation to Help

My experience during my time in middle school has given me a sensitivity to people who have struggled to fit into society. I understand their frustrations and fears. As an undergraduate, I devoted my free time to community service projects and I became a Resident Assistant at Crawford for 3 years. It was a rewarding experience to work with people with difficulties especially with troubled or disadvantaged youth.

Not Just a Scratch

I grew up into an adult feeling different from others. Luckily, I was able to find ways to cope with my struggles and find solutions. I was able to find great friends who were very supportive of my goals. I believe that people should read the contents of people’s personality and not just base their judgement on the quality of the cover. This thought led me to always see through the superficial aspects of people or happenings and really see what they are all about before making a decision. I am confident that I can use this tendency in studying the law. I know that my mindset and the knowledge, skills and abilities that I have gained during my undergraduate years will be applied to legal principles.

Staying Strong

I am confident that the attributes that I posses can make a difference in the legal world. Touching lives while practicing law is what I really aim for. My tendency to look beyond what the eye can see will be valuable to the field of law. First impressions is do last but the true self is more important. If given a chance, I would also like to encourage those people who are having social issues sot that they can stand up and face the challenges that they may face in their lives. I believe that the human spirit is resilient and can stand against any test society may offer.

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