Best Medical School Personal Statement Examples

medical school personal statement examplesWriting a medical school personal statement can be tough at times but the advantage that it gives you for your medical school application is undeniable. It would be easy to write a personal statement with the help of medical school personal statement examples. If you have issues with the proper format and lack ideas for the topics to use your own paper, there is certainly a way out.

Glancing at medical personal statement examples can inspire you. They can also show you the three main parts of the statement which are the introduction, the body or content, and the ending or closing paragraph. There are lots of medical school personal statement examples on the net, yet there is no need to seek any longer as we’ve prepared one for you.

Medical Personal Statement Example

What Started the Spark?

The field of medicine made an impact in my life when my mother needed constant assistance of doctors in the treatment of her chronic headaches. The physicians were always there for her medical needs no matter what time of day it was. I saw how my parents respected those doctors. I can understand them because I was also amazed on their ability to ease the suffering of their parents. In my young mind, a desire to become a doctor began to grow. My ambition to become a doctor is a bit high because I come from a family in which no one has a professional degree but I am confident that my upbringing as a person who is inclined to help those who are in need will help me through my studies in the medical field.

Great Experience

I was able to get my first hand experience in the medical field when I was able to have the chance of working as a volunteer in the emergency room of a hospital near our home town. During that experience, I was able to learn valuable lessons in organization, proper prioritizing and great communication skills. That experience also taught me in dealing with various personalities that one may encounter in and out of the medical field. I had a first row seat to observe how professionals handle difficult and demanding cases.

Mind and Body

In college I became a Tae Kwon Do, the Korean counterpart of karate, athlete and this sport taught me the value of patience, determination and a focused but clear mind. It also taught me the importance of physical strength, endurance and agility. Playing this martial art sport taught me that the mind and body should work as one to be successful in any endeavor. It made me realize that taking of a patient is not all about his or her physical form only. A good doctor should also treat any mental and/or emotional issues a patient may have. In doing so, the patient will be holistically healthy once the treatment process is done.


As a physician, I wish to participate in the betterment of the medical system of our country so that it will further benefit patients. My aim is to serve people no matter what their age, gender, race, background, and culture are. As a doctor, I would like to utilize my experience, skills, knowledge, and outlook in life to serve as many people that I can through proper communication and research application. This dream is ambitious but I know that a dream can be realized through hard work, determination and, of course, working as a team with other health care providers.

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