Best University Personal Statement Examples

university personal statement examplesStudying in a university is very challenging. It will take a lot of your time, effort and monetary resources. Applying to get into a university program is equally challenging for other applicants. One of the secrets of having a good chance of being accepted is writing a great personal statement. A good way to know how to write one is to read university personal statement examples. By reading personal statement example for university applications will give you an idea how to to create your very own. They will also show you how a structure of a personal statement should look like. We have provided one of the best university personal statement examples to help you on your way to a brighter career path.

University personal statement examples

No one can deny that globalization is here and it will stay for a very long time. Business, consumers and all the governments in the world utilize advanced technology that makes us connected to everyone everywhere at any time. Skilled computer science technology professionals are highly in demand more than ever. The IT industry grows stronger every year. Being a graduate with a degree related to the world of computer technology would be a great advantage in this very competitive world.

Theories and Practical Use

I believe that the field of computer science offers careers that are financially stable, mentally challenging and intellectually stimulating. I am a person who values in-depth knowledge and the practical use of theoretical principles in the real world. I have studied software organization, programming and their practical usage. It allows me to understand the concept of the full software lifecycle projects. I can also utilize the methods and techniques in storing, manipulating and transforming of any information in any kind of computer system.

Puzzling Interest

I have chosen this university because I feel that the philosophy and methods that your institution have. I do believe that I am suited for your degree programs because my interests can compliment your university’s aims and goals. I am good at solving logical problems on my feet. This quality is very valuable especially in developing a well-made software. I understand that your university produces only the best computer scientists by giving value to thoroughness and creativity. A number of faculty in my college can attest that I have an exemplary skill in math, multi-tasking and critical solving. I always thought that problem-solving is just another fun puzzle to solve.


I was able to have the honor of visiting your campus and I immediately recognize the excellent learning atmosphere that is masterfully combined with a relaxed feel of the academic environment. The potential for balance between working hard and taking time to relax and clear one’s mind is very palpable. I can never describe my enthusiasm of doing research and studying in an institution like this. When I do get accepted, I will devote myself in both the betterment of myself and the entire university. You can see this kind of place very seldom. What I like the best about your institution is that there are only a few students in each class. This setting gives more personal communication between professors and students. I would like to extend my thanks for giving me the opportunity to voice out my mind. I am looking forward for the next step of the application process.

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