Best University Personal Statement Examples

university personal statement examplesStudying at a university is very challenging. It will take a lot of your time, effort and monetary resources. Applying to get into a university program is equally challenging for other applicants. One of the secrets of having a good chance of being accepted is writing a great personal statement. A good way to know how to write one is to read university personal statement examples. By reading personal statement example for university applications will give you an idea of how to create your very own. They will also show you how the structure of a personal statement should look like. We have provided one of the best university personal statement examples to help you on your way to a brighter career path.

Your Perfect University Personal Statement

personal statement for universityHaving a degree from a reputable university is definitely a plus to anyone’s resume. Surely, you can find great career opportunities once you are a graduate of these institutions. But getting into a university can be challenging. To improve your chances for acceptance, you may write a personal statement for university applications. A law school personal statement can surely show your individuality and make you stand out from the competition. A personal statement for university applications can outline strengths and abilities and achievements that are not visible in your resume. So how to write a personal statement for university applications? We have provided a sample personal statement for you so that you can see how it should look like.

University Personal Statement Examples

No one can deny that globalization is here and it will stay for a very long time. Business, consumers and all the governments in the world utilize advanced technology that makes us connected to everyone everywhere at any time. Skilled computer science technology professionals are highly in demand more than ever. The IT industry grows stronger every year. Being a graduate with a degree related to the world of computer technology would be a great advantage in this very competitive world.

Theories and Practical Use

I believe that the field of computer science offers careers that are financially stable, mentally challenging and intellectually stimulating. I am a person who values in-depth knowledge and the practical use of theoretical principles in the real world. I have studied software organization, programming, and their practical usage. It allows me to understand the concept of full software lifecycle projects. I can also utilize the methods and techniques in storing, manipulating and transforming of any information in any kind of computer system.

Puzzling Interest

I have chosen this university because I feel that the philosophy and methods that your institution has. I do believe that I am suited for your degree programs because my interests can compliment your university’s aims and goals. I am good at solving logical problems on my feet. This quality is very valuable especially in developing a well-made software. I understand that your university produces only the best computer scientists by giving value to thoroughness and creativity. A number of faculty in my college can attest that I have an exemplary skill in math, multi-tasking and critical solving. I always thought that problem-solving is just another fun puzzle to solve.


I was able to have the honor of visiting your campus and I immediately recognize the excellent learning atmosphere that is masterfully combined with a relaxed feel of the academic environment. The potential for balance between working hard and taking time to relax and clear one’s mind is very palpable. I can never describe my enthusiasm for doing research and studying in an institution like this. When I do get accepted, I will devote myself to both the betterment of myself and the entire university. You can see this kind of place very seldom. What I like the best about your institution is that there are only a few students in each class. This setting gives more personal communication between professors and students. I would like to extend my thanks for giving me the opportunity to voice out my mind. I am looking forward to the next step of the application process.

Loving Puzzles

I find myself, to be an honest, driven and trustworthy person who can keep information confidential. In any kind of undertaking that I am working on, I am very thorough, methodical and ever careful. I can also proudly say that I have an eye for detail and grace under pressure. I am mentally stable and I can control my emotions when faced with trying endeavors. I believe that I can work in any kind of crime scene and present evidence objectively in any courtroom.

A Long Time Interest

Science holds my interests and I always thought of problems as fascinating puzzles to solve. That is why a career in forensics would be a dream job for me. I have always enjoyed reading crime novels and watching crime scene investigation TV shows. I know that they are exaggerated most of the time but figuring out how a crime was done and who have done it grips and holds my interest.

Good Job Market

Forensics graduates are highly employable nowadays. An individual who has a knowledge and can use them in critical thinking has a good chance of landing a job in the field of forensics. I am confident that I possess the right skills, knowledge, and attitude to complete and the degree in forensics and use what I learn to real-world practicality in the future. I am mentally strong but calm at the same time. Messy situations and dead bodies will not hinder me in doing my job. I can work well both indoors and outdoors.

I am well versed with the common terminology used in this field of study. I am familiar with the principles and theories that are valued in forensics. I can think on my feet, make sense of my environment, combine evidence, and organize them in a fashion where a good conclusion can be drawn out. Patterns are also my expertise. I can recognize if I focus my thoughts well enough. I am an excellent observer and an objective person that can weigh all the factors first before drawing a conclusion.

Lab Experience

During my summer vacations, I worked as a lab assistant at our college. I have a good background on research work and I had a chance to work on the latest lab equipment available in the country. I have good manual dexterity coupled with great hand to eye coordination that is essential for meticulous lab procedures.

Closing Statement

I applied to this university because of your reputation as one of the leaders in teaching scientific laboratory techniques in a vocational setting. Your institution is equipped with modern lab equipment that can be helpful for the betterment of my forensic skills. I assure you that my interest in the field of forensics, skills, knowledge, and personality will be a great addition to the program and for the entire institution.

Personal Statement Writing: Tips and Guidelines

The personal statement plays a huge role in determining the success of a college or job application. It’s your chance to show the school who you are, what you’re capable of, and what makes you a unique and qualified candidate. You only have a few words to work with to communicate all of this to the admissions board, so it’s vital that you ensure your final product is all but flawless. This guide is here to provide you with all the do’s and don’ts, so that you can take another step towards success in your application.

Personal Statement Writing Tips

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Where to Start

There are several central points it’s crucial to understand if you want to be successful:

  • Get an idea of the kind of candidate that the school or institution is looking for. What skills do they value? What experience?
  • Come up with some traits that fulfill these expectations, and provide the proper evidence to back up these claims so that you can convince them of your qualifications.
  • Don’t be too general, but rather provide specific elements of experience or skill that you can point to. If you can supply tangible things for them to grasp, then you can demonstrate that you will be able to succeed in their academic environment.

Personal Statement Writing Tips to Stand Out

One good practice when you’re trying to come up with a unique personal statement is to imagine the admissions officer reading your personal statement. How can you distinguish yourself from other applicants? What will make you stand out from all the other applications? One great place to start is to develop a list of some of your most unique qualifications and traits, things that will catch the eye of the admissions officer. When formulating your personal statement, choose the traits that align most closely with what the school or institution is looking for.

A huge part of taking the next step to a successful personal statement is to ensure that the statement is readable, smooth and that it brings out the uniqueness of your personality. No need to get caught up in stuffy formalities, show the school who you are. Whatever the topic of the personal statement, express real interest in it and show the unique perspective that you can bring to the issue. Include any experience and skills that add to your profile, ensure it is naturally written, and let your personality shine through.

Personal Statement Don’ts

Nothing sinks a personal statement quicker than poor grammar, spelling, run-on sentences, and other hallmarks of sloppy writing. Don’t just make obvious points, but always approach something in a distinctive manner. Don’t flatter them or be inauthentic, and don’t be too formulaic with things like rhetorical questions. It’s most important that you show them you put real thought and time into the statement.

If you experience any problems, feel free to get in touch with us for a stunning university personal statement!