Coalition Essay Prompts: How to Answer to Get Success

coalition essay prompts

The coalition essay prompts are a new type of application method for college which comes on a totally different platform rather than personal statement writing. This new platform comes with a new interface, a new set of opportunities for applicants plus many different essays prompts applicants can use. When you compare common app and coalition prompts, you can see how they differ from each other while also offering almost the same type of benefits.

However, coalition application essay prompts are made of the same type of questions, even though they differ slightly, they are still made of the same material and intention. This means, being able to look at them, think about what they ask the applicant and find a perfect to answer them correctly in order to increase the opportunities a student has to achieve an admission with a proper essay.

How to Answer Coalition Essay Prompts 2017

Answering coalition for access essay prompts is not an easy task in any way. That’s why it is important for you to know about the different aspects of these types of prompts and how you can answer them correctly with the perfect advice from an expert. Take a look to see which the most common coalition prompts are and how you can answer them correctly:

Coalition prompt #1: Tell a personal story or experience which describes and explains how your character has been shaped in your life

This is a very easy opportunity for those applicants who want to excerpt creativity in 300-400 words limits in essays. This perfect chance of portraying creativity can make an admission committee fall for your ideas if you know how to prepare them correctly. Telling a story about yourself is a very compelling way of doing an essay, but only when you do it masterfully, making sure your writing style is good enough to make anyone fall for whatever you have to say.

Also, this is a way of knowing how an applicant thinks of himself. Depending on the type of character and story the applicant talks about, the admission committee can have a complete idea of how this applicant thinks. But this answer needs to go according to a story or experience about the applicant’s character, or else the essay can go off the rails and end up being something not suited for the question.

Stacey Brook, Professional Chief Advisor says this:

“One last thing to note in choosing this prompt is that, while it is broad in its overall inquiry, it does specifically ask you to describe an experience, so if the idea you have in your head is character-related but not tied to a specific event or occurrence, you might want to save it for a different prompt.”

Coalition prompt #2: Describe something you’ve created or given to others with the purpose of benefitting others. Tell us why you did it and what you obtained from it.

This prompts needs to be answered with honesty and a certain type of creativity. According to Stacey Brook, “The most important things to keep in mind when responding to this prompt are originality and sincerity. There are many thoughtful, creative ways to write about your service trip to South Africa or the clothing drive you organized at your school, but there are even more tired and clichéd ways to address these kinds of efforts. Make sure your essay is highly personal in the details you include.”

This means being able to describe everything according to what you felt and really wanted throughout the experience you are talking about. Admission committees look for those applicants who can actually deliver, with sincerity, a compelling story about their own success giving to others and making someone else’s life be better. However, this story needs to have a meaning, needs to have a purpose, needs to have a greater good that motivated you to actually give without expecting nothing back. This way, you will make a better impression.

Coalition prompt #3: Have any of your beliefs on any subject been ever challenged? How did this change your beliefs and what was your response exactly?

This is one of the hardest entrance exam coalition application essay prompts you can take. As it means talking about beliefs and ideas, it is important to do it in a mature way and explain everything with the best choice of words possible. However, the most important part of this prompts is being able to get into a stage of introspection and talking about yourself more openly and making sure the purpose of the question is met.

However, as Stacey Brook affirms:

“You can discuss a belief that has been long cherished or simply accepted, which means you can discuss something that has been a part of the fabric of your values based on passionate feelings OR societal norms. When brainstorming topics for this question, keep in mind that staying away from controversial subjects like politics is probably a good idea.”

This happens as you don’t know the person the admission officer can be, so it is better to stay on a neutral site on religion and political opinions.

Having Trouble with Your Coalition or Scholarship Essay Prompts?

Whichever coalition essay prompts you are thinking on answering, it is important that the essay is written and correctly and exposes your most valuable skills in a perfect way.

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