How to Meet a 4000 Characters Personal Statement Limit

does personal statement have to be exactly 4000 characters

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Does Personal Statement Have to Be Exactly 4000 Characters?

Applying to college or university you will be asked to write a personal statement or statement of purpose by the admissions. UCAS (University and College Application Service) in the UK requires you to provide a 4000 characters personal statement or around 47 lines in length. The common application service for US colleges however requires an application essay that will be no more than 650 words in length. Many students find it hard and they start seeking for a good personal statement writing service like ours to help them out.

Specific universities and colleges and even courses may also require supplementary essays and statements of different lengths. Whatever you are asked to provide however you must not exceed the page lengths that are specified. You can write less as long as you feel that you have provided the information that they have requested but never exceed it. The committee will be reviewing hundreds of statements and if yours is simply too long you will be rejected for not following the requirements and because they simply do not have the time.Writing a short personal statement 500 words or less is hard work and many will find that their initial draft is always too long. This is why you will often have to review your statement several times to ensure that not only is it well written and attention grabbing but also not too long.

How to Write a Short Personal Statement 500 Words

Whether you are writing a personal statement 5300 characters with spaces or a 250 word essay you need to ensure that you provide the readers with what they want to see. The purpose of your personal statement is to show that you are a very suitable candidate for their program by highlighting your skills and ambitions and how they match what the course is looking for. Written well in an attention grabbing way it can help you to be selected.

4000 characters personal statement writing

The following guidance will help you to write your personal statement of any length:

  • Ensure that you fully understand the requirements for personal statement length and how it needs to be formatted.
  • Review the requirements of the program to fully understand what they are looking for within your personal statement and from applicants to their course.
  • Review personal statement samples relevant to your own application to see how others have tackled their writing; never however simply copy them.
  • Brainstorm and make a list of your personal skills and attributes that match you to their specific requirements.
  • Make a clear outline for your personal statement using your brainstormed information.
  • Select an anecdote that you can use to provide a clear story line for your statement to maintain the reader’s attention and interest in what you have written.
  • Pay extra attention to your opening lines to ensure that you hook the reader in and gain their full interest right from the start.
  • Use everyday language that anyone can understand for your writing and never use slang or unusual words from the thesaurus.

How to Cut Your Personal Statement Down to the Correct Length

Your initial draft will almost certainly be longer that the requirements and you will need to cut it down while reviewing what you have written. The following tips for making your personal statement shorter will help you to achieve their expectations:

  • Remove anything from your statement that does not specifically further your aim of being selected or that is not expected by the committee.
  • Remove anything that duplicates information that is elsewhere in your application.
  • Identify and remove anything that is obvious, listing what you have learned within specific courses that you have taken or what your responsibilities were for a specific job is unnecessary.
  • Ensure that everything is about you; this a personal statement so if you have written about others it can be removed from your statement.
  • Remove all clichés from your writing; they detract from your writing and also eat up your word count significantly.
  • Remove all adverbs that are not really required (note the “really”; it is not required and the sentence reads the same without it).
  • Remove anything that is overly descriptive as you need to get straight to the point at all times.

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