How to Reply to Personal Essay Prompts: 3 Easy Ways

personal essay prompts

Answering to personal essay prompts is one of the hardest parts of sending an application to a university. When you are on the task of writing a good answer for one of these prompts, you will find that some of them are not easy in any way to respond, as they are specially made to analyse the abilities of college applicants to express themselves and evaluate their knowledge.

But as hard as personal essay prompts for college can be, they will always be possible to answer, you just need to find the perfect way to do it. And in order to do this, there’s no better way than taking a look at some common application personal essay prompts samples and taking advice from an expert to make your own essay be better.

Here we are going to show you different personal narrative essay prompts and the best ways to answer them without any problem. Take a look at the common application essay prompts!

3 Easy Ways to Answer Common Application Essay Prompts

College personal essay prompts can come in many different ways, however, knowing the following three secrets on how to answer them, will make it incredibly easier for anyone to achieve an admission with an application essay. Take a look at these examples:

Prompt #1: Make a list of three books and their authors that have changed the way you think. Add a sentence from each book explaining exactly their influence on you.

Even though it is important to make the admission committee know that you can actually manage the field of study you want to apply for without any problem, this prompt needs to be answered according to personal feelings and not academic requisites.

Stacey Brook says:

“However, you should try to avoid potentially controversial or offensive subjects.”

This means, not talking about something that could be seen as offensive, like political, religious or social matters from a personal point. Just stick to something about your life and how these books changed you. The same with any other prompts that ask about your life, make sure you do not go off the rail.

Prompt #2: Name and explain 3 activities or experiences in your life that increased or created your interest in the field of ________________.

As you see, this question is mainly made to know more about the applicant. However, the question may actually ask for a short answer of around 200 or 300 words. This means that you don’t have to go in-depth description, just trying to summarize them correctly and be compelling at the same time.Stacey Brook adds:

“When choosing which experiences and activities to list, make sure that your answers are consistent with the rest of your application.”

This means that when you talk about your experiences, they need to go well with everything else on your application, from your story to your grades and any extracurricular activity you may have added. Make sure your essay is coherent and cohesive all along, within itself and with everything else that could affect it. Also remember, admission committees know when you are honest and where you’re not.

Prompt #3: Nowadays, diversity is an important part of our world in almost every field and factor of our societies. What do you think you can offer to this diversity and how?

Normally asked in 200 words or a little more, this essay prompt can be incredibly difficult for anyone. Especially those people with a different racial, cultural or religious background, this answer can become a pain. However, it is not too hard to answer, as you just need to explain how you’ve reached the place you are today, how do you plan to keep doing it and how these ideas can offer a better future.

Stacey Brook says:

“Ideally, one of those topics can be paired with some sort of supporting anecdote, and then tied to your ability to solve typical engineering or academic problems.”

Example, saying how being of a different colour helped you to overcome social anxieties as no one expected the same of you than from the rest. And then explain how this can help people stop being afraid of speaking their mind and know that their voice can also be heard if they speak loud enough.

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