How to Reply to Scholarship Essay Prompts Without Any Difficulties

scholarship essay prompts

Scholarship essay prompts are not an easy task to pass. These questions can be hundreds and all of them will require the applicant to answer in a totally different way according to what’s being asked. However, no matter the type of question and the exact requirement of it, if a student knows how to approach college scholarship essay prompts and predict questions, this task will become far easier. Learn more from these useful tips provided by our personal statement editing service best experts.

Most Interesting Scholarship Essay Prompts

In order to help you find answers to questions more easily, here you have a list of the best scholarship essay prompts 2017 which is different and will help you have an idea of the list of topics you could face:

About your plans as a student and the field of preference

  • Describe your experience in your field of interest and what you think you can offer
  • How will your preference for such career and further studies help you develop a professional profile?
  • Why exactly are you looking to be a professional in such career?
  • What are your opinions about the future of such field of study?

Current social issues

  • What’s the most important societal issue nowadays in your opinion? And why?
  • Would you like to change your school or academic institution in any way? How?
  • Do you know about a certain problem at school you face every day that you think you can find a solution to?
  • What’s the greatest issue the environment is facing today?

Personal information

  • Tell us about your most important personal achievements and their relation to your preferred field of study
  • Is there a special feature of your persona that makes you stand out from the crowd?
  • Why do you think you can be a great candidate to receive the opportunity to study in this university?
  • Demonstrate with a description how your skills help you to be a great leader

Personal background

  • Is there an experienced from your life that has shaped your personal development?
  • According to who you are today, who has been your major influence?
  • Has a past success or situation affected the way you see how the world is today?
  • Is your education an important part of your life and does it have to do with who you are today?

Academic goals and future planning

  • What are your short-term goals and how they can influence your long-term ones?
  • Where do you think you will be in ten years from now?
  • Why exactly are you eager to get a higher education?

Financial needs

  • Would a scholarship have a big impact on how your future is shaped?
  • Are you going through any personal or family financial situation?
  • How have you been able to finance your previous education and how do you plan to do it with college?

Random prompts

  • Tell us about a person you admire and tell us why exactly
  • Describe and explain two of your favourite books and how they shaped your reasoning and thinking
  • Explain your own ideas about the world and importance of having a college education

How to Answer These Questions

The previously mentioned scholarship application essay sample prompts are not the hardest questions to answer among college application essay prompts. However, they can actually become really hard if you don’t go through the perfect process and find out how to answer them according to the field and type of question. Take a look how you can do it correctly:

Analyze the question correctly

First off, on every entrance exam with one of the common scholarship essay prompts, it is important that you think about the question, who the audience is and what exactly does the question want you to say.

When it is a question about your plans as a student and your field of preference, it is important that you state about reasons, interests, desires, what makes you feel enthusiastic about being a college student and the plan you have right now for your academic life. Think correctly and shape a good answer, this will help you get the admission you need.

Brainstorm ideas

After you think about a good answer for any of these prompts, you need to come with good ideas. Get yourself at least 1 or 2 minutes to think through about a series of ideas about how to answer the question, make sure you make an answer with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

When you explain current social issues, it is important to start with an introduction that gives an idea of the problem with a brief description and how bad it can be. Then, you can explain the problem with more details and give your opinion and ideas to fix it. In the conclusion, reaffirm your final idea and make sure it is totally understood.

Summarize your ideas

When you think about an answer, you start going through different ideas at the same time. It is important that you create a good idea from all the ones you can think of that are acceptable. Then, you need to summarize them and try to explain them concisely but in a descriptive way.

When you talk about your personal information, for example, it is important to don’t tell everything about you, but only what you are being asked. This means being concise, direct to the point but descriptive at the same time, explaining further who you are, what you can offer and what do you hope to become.

Write a draft

A draft is always a great idea in almost every kind of writing task. This time, it is important that you write a draft as you need to be sure that whatever you write goes along with the question, that it is important to mention and is not full of bluff or any other type of unimportant information.

When you write about your personal background, having a draft is always a great idea. This way you can tell, by reading your draft, if you’ve used the perfect story to tell about yourself and if you’ve been relevant to the question. Also, it helps you to know if you wrote enough information or more than you should have.

Revise your writing

College application essay prompts should be written according to a certain style. Remember that admission committees are looking for talented applicants who can write in a serious but explanative way at the same time. Then, you need to look for unimportant information, wrongly made statements, coherence and such.

When you write about academic goals, for example, it is important that you start with who you want to become, then in the body paragraph, you write about how do you plan to do it and then finish with your whole purpose and clear goals. But all of this making sure there’s no bluff, no statement that could confuse the readers and that it is all coherent and cohesive throughout.

Proofread against grammatical mistakes

If there’s something that could make any entrance exam lose its validity, it is wrongly written sentences, especially grammar and spelling mistakes. Make sure you proofread against any of these, making sure everything you write about is totally understandable and that it can be read without any problem.

This is something very important when you talk about your financial situation, where you need to explain about your financial needs and hopes to get a scholarship. It is important for you to be compelling, but even more important is avoiding any type of grammatical mistake or spelling problem, as it can make you look as a person with no respect for details or just don’t be clear enough.

Do You Need Help with College Application Essay Prompts?

As you may know already, writing college application essay prompts answer can be incredibly difficult. However, you don’t have to do it wrong or just avoid them. With the previous tips and information about the many different scholarship essay prompts 2017 it is possible for you to answer them correctly by preparing yourself before.

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