How to Reply to Craziest College Application Essay Prompts

weird college application essay prompts

Whether it is about your life, about your goals, about your interests or just about a certain topic in specific, college application essay prompts can be really difficult to answer. However, there’s nothing harder and more complex to make than an essay where the college seems to have gone out of their head. This is what many universities do, ask questions and force the applicant to write about something that doesn’t seem sane, but actually, it has a very big task – to tell the admission committee more about you as a possible student. Learn how to answer the most common of them with advice by our professional personal statement service.

Funny Questions College Essay Prompts List

When it comes to college admission essays prompts with funny topics to highlight, here we are going to show you 10 of the most interesting. Take a look and make your own opinion about what exactly could the question offer:

1. If you’ve ever walked in a market or warehouse you have for sure seen giant jars or packages of food that are just ridiculous. Have you wondered about buying them? If you had, did you think about impulse buys, weird uses of a great amount of food with no purpose, bigness notions, and storage or preservatives? Write about how a big jar of something you don’t need can change your life.

As you see, this question was one of the most ridiculous but actually effective college entrance essay prompts you can think of. Made by the Economics Faculty of the University of Chicago to an applicant where the question actually became famous. However, it achieved an entrance to the applicant, not for its weirdness, but for how can the applicant impress admission officers with a response that went perfectly with how the question was made.

2. If you decided to be raised by dinosaurs, robots, aliens or something we don’t still know, what would you pick and why?

This question made by the Life Sciences Faculty in Brandies University, wants to ask the student about how he thinks being raised by different species could change his life and why. This can make a student be seen like a more wise and creative applicant if he finds a good way to explain it. However, it also portrays his knowledge on the biology and other living subjects.

3. Make a prediction on what you think will make a big impact in the world by 2020 that you haven’t heard before.

This question made by the Social Psychology Department at the University of Virginia is one of the most difficult college admission prompts you can encounter. It is made to explain how the applicant thinks social changes occur and how realist he can be. This is a great idea to find good social psychologists.

4. You’ve just finished your autobiographical book and it seems great. Share page 200 with us.

The Department of History of the University of Pennsylvania made this question in order to find out the writing style of the applicant, the ability to talk about past experiences, how he thinks an autobiographical book is written and his ability to find good ways of focusing the story on. Specially designed for people who want to teach history, this question can be very useful for admission committees to find talented historians.

5. You were granted a free week next month from college and work. How are you planning to spend it?

Done by the Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Yale Management Department, this question can result in a good answer from a future valuable entrepreneur. If the applicant finds his way to explain his answer correctly and portrays a good entrepreneurial outcome, the chances are high of being picked and getting an admission.

6. How are oranges and apples compared to each other?

This is a simple question made by the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Department. It is simple, but straight to the point of finding out if the applicant knows enough about these simple biological secrets that could actually have a big impact on the applicant’s future career. If it is well-answered with scientific facts and a biological approach, the applicant will get an admission without a doubt.

7. What matters to you on a deeply personal level? Why?

Common essay prompts for college in Stanford University, this question has been one of the most interesting to both answer and read by admission committees. This way the college or department can find out how much does the applicant actually cares about a higher education and how this university can be part of that.

8. Pick two lines from two of your favourite books or novels and explain how they define your personality.

As one of the best essays prompts for college applications made by the Literary Course of Bucknell University, this question can be answered in many ways but is mainly made to portray the interest and originality of the applicant to explain how much a quote can say about him. It needs a literary analysis and a good knowledge of literature to be performed correctly.

9. Tell us about social media and how they defy complex ideas by making all the content brief and incomplete. Explain it in 140 characters, like a tweet.

Made by The Social Studies Education Department in Wake Forest College, this question helps the applicant to explain a very complex idea in a simple but understandable way, as if it were a social media comment on Twitter. This way, the admission committee can find out how creative and concise can this applicant be when it comes to explaining complex ideas.

10. What makes you happy?

As simple as it seems, this question made by Tufts University is not an essay approach. Even though this university is mostly focused on getting Ivy League students, this question can actually become a pain for those students who need to find and explain in words what makes them feel alive and happy. If the students find a way of explaining this with an academic approach, the chances of getting admitted will be very high.

How to Answer Hard Prompts for College Essays

Answering this previously mentioned college application prompts is not easy in any way. Even though some of these questions look simple, finding the perfect way to explain them can be incredibly hard. That’s why we recommend doing the following:

  • Think about the question and what it could mean from a professional standpoint? Remember that the college wants to know more about your academic background and knowledge.
  • Do not rush to answer. Make sure you think your answer correctly and if it really responds to what the college wants to know about you.
  • If you don’t know how to answer it, find the most related story you could tell and write it.
  • Use a personal statement service to answer correctly no matter how hard it is.

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