Write Your Personal Statement Within the Perfect Word Count

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How Important Is Getting Your Personal Statement Right for Your Application?

Whether you are applying to go to college or for post graduate professional development you will be required to submit a personal statement as part of your application. Often this is the most important part of your application and will need to be written to a very high standard to get you noticed and selected. The question that many students ask though is should their personal statement be 1 page or more. To get the answer continue reading this post written by our personal statement writing service best writers.

Each method of application however has very different requirements. For instance the common application for US colleges will require an admissions essay of up to 650 words, while an application to university in the UK through UCAS has a maximum of 4000 characters. Many colleges and universities also have supplementary essays or statements that can vary from a personal statement of 500 characters to one of 250 words. Each has very different requirements and you must stick to what they demand of you. Submitting a personal statement that exceeds the requirements of the institution you are applying to is likely to result in you getting overlooked. They may have hundreds of statements to review and only a limited amount of time to do it in. So if yours is too long they are just going to put your application to one side.

How to Draft a Personal Statement 500 Characters

Whether you are drafting a 1500 characters AAMC personal statement or a 47 line essay for UCAS you must make sure that you do not exceed their word counts. For some this can be hard work if they want to cover everything that the committee expects to see from them. You also have to be able to understand the difference between pages, words and characters. For instance if you want to know how many characters to fit a personal statement on 1 page of ERAS applications then it is approximately 3000 characters or around 500 words of proper writing single spaced.

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More often than not your initial draft will be far longer than the required word count and you will need to whittle this down to what is expected of you. The following guidance will help you to ensure that your personal statement will be of the required length for your application.

  • Identify the specific requirements of the program that you are applying to and list out what you need to include within your statement to match them.
  • Create an outline for your statement to show how those requirements will be satisfied within your application essay.
  • Write your initial draft to include all of these required points.
  • Review the draft and remove anything that is unnecessary until you reach the required word count:
    • Start with the big picture with your statement; if something does not specifically match one of their expectations remove it from your statement.
    • If you have covered something elsewhere in your application then remove it from your statement.
    • Have you stated the obvious; for instance they will know what individual subjects cover or what the responsibilities of a job title are.
    • Remove all clichés from your writing; not only are these ineffective they also eat up large amounts of your available space.
    • Remove anything that refers to other people; your personal statement needs to be about you only as that is what they are interested in.
    • Remove unnecessary adverbs and excessively descriptive text from your writing.

Not only will cutting out everything that is unnecessary from your writing help you to achieve your word count it will also make it far easier to read. It will help you to clearly and quickly communicate the specific information that the committee will be looking for.

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